Reed Beds IV

  • Oil & charcoal (paper on board)
  • 37.5 x 47.5 cm (14.76 x 18.70 in)
  • Dark grey floating frame

Poetry extract from Maria Therese Williams’ 2021 poem ‘Save Swanscombe Peninsula’ ©MTBBGW21

Copyright © 2021 Stephen Oliver – All rights reserved.

Save Swanscombe Peninsula

The London Resort, Swanscombe Peninsula

Why on earth is this totally unsuitable project even being considered. The area in and around Swanscombe is already being swamped with construction. Not only would the travel networks be unable to cope, Swanscombe Marshes, a natural habitat to hundreds of species, would be lost - the area needs this tranquil space.

Please help keep this natural habitat free from unnecessary development. Here are links to further information:

Buglife Kent Wildlife Trust RSPB Save Swanscombe Peninsula SSSI